Wednesday, May 17, 2017

preorder manalive new track vinyl

droppingbombshc, out of Detroit, has released some killer metallic hardcore records (check bandcamp or buy vinyl here) The latest happens to hit me right in the chest, Manalive, from New Jersey. They have one track up, "Constant Coverage". Featuring ex-members of Milhouse, Ensign, and Kill Your Idols. It definitely reverberates some Milhouse/Indecison and Burn vibes. Heavy and dark. New vocalist, Kwame Korkor screams delightfully with vengeance and condemnation.

FROM droppingbombshc:
"This record will be a white one-sided lathe cut 7" with two songs and a screen printed B side.

Lathe cuts are hand cut records that come in small runs to create unique releases with some sacrifice to fidelity and volume while maintaining the features and gratification of a traditional vinyl release. All records will come with a high-quality download code.

Pre-orders should ship late June."

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