Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sniper 66 Caput Lupinum Review

Sniper 66
Caput Lupinum
Rebel Sound Music

Sniper 66 is an Austin four piece that play vengeful punk rock. Their self titled release was impressive and caught much attention in 2013. I had already liked them. They also appeared on Oi the Boat’s VOA: IV with Hard Evidence, Concrete, and Die Trying. They also provided my favorite track with a sad-as-fuck, “7 Years”, song on Cashing in on Christmas vol 5. I saw these kids lay waste at Midwest Fest ’14 and they ripped it. I ended up talking to their drummer, April. As a 37 year old, I tried not to be a creep and to not be surprised like “hey, you are a girl and you can play an instrument!”. But in a room of sweaty, old, bald men, I raised a glass and chatted to acknowledge her skills. She tore it up and simply happened to hit the bar when I did.

For Caput Lupinum, Sniper 66 have moved forward. This was available as digital or CD form last April or June. Now, we finally get a vinyl version thanks to Rebel Sound. Here they embrace less of a rock and roll sound and push a tougher, angrier and heavier sound. These kids have learned to play tighter and faster. Like wicked fast. Coming from Texas, no doubt Lower Class Brats is an influence. Oxymoron is another obvious influence. APA should be cited as well. S66 play angry, gritty riffs played automatic fire quick over sped up , battering drums. The production has been improved as well. The style is clean but allows for the instruments to play; especially that bass in there, rumbling along.

The songs do feature lyrics with the punk ethos of “be yourself”, but focus in on non-traditional topics. “Society” addresses the issue of gender roles in the singer’s household and in the punk scene and in general society. The plea of the song is to “treat (girls) as equals”.
“Why must this happen? Right in our scene/ Punk rock girls are sexualized… 
I won’t stay silent. This time I’m pissed/ Because I love this scene, I know we are better than this
 Blow up your TV …don’t listen to the standards set by society”

“Another War” definitely stands out to me. The song is churning and speaks about the empty promises of (now) multiple administrations to bring the troops home. The earlier mentioned, “7 Years” is back and depressing; which I love! Subversive, honest songs on a Christmas comp satiate me.  “Long Road” steps back half a step and calls back to the rock and roll feel of their debut. “Anxiety” is a dirty, pounding track that pummels as you listen. “One Shot” also kicks.

Sniper 66 are talented kids tearing up fests across the nation. They found enough time to sit and write fantastic punk rock songs, with no sense of pop. Belligerent riffs at sonic speeds should please anyone in leather or a bomber. Intelligent lyrics that will leave you thinking help elevate this band above the average. Production is on point, handlingS66 as they should be. No one is aiming to make more of this  than it is; and that is what makes it worth more than the sum of its parts and stand out.

 RIYL: Varukers, Abrasive Wheels, APA, LCB, Oxymoron, Defiance