Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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Ex Tenebris
Triple B

This is an explosive, dark hardcore record. The chaotic energy gathers influence from Fugazi's  feedback presence to Burn's bounce. But more correlative would be Outspoken, Mouthpiece, Battery, etc; a good mash of DC meets NYHC. "Equity Head" is the standout track for me, maybe even because it is the most straight ahead hardcore song. "Sisyphus" is the opener almost venturing into Cro-Mags territory - dark and menacing, fast and angry. "Out of Darkness" has a great bounce.

Being Pat Flynn, hell, 4/5 of Have Heart, there is certainly that vibe. But only the closer, "May I Be I", really capture that spread out sweeping vibe (which, to be honest i grew weary of). 3/4 of this EP move forward with urgency and spite. The vocals are furious and commanding without being self-righteous or pretentious. The mix is great, utitilizing the band's raw presence, nothing grandiose.Recommended.



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