Wednesday, May 17, 2017

no echo Jonah Jenkins interview

In 1993, having played extensive strings of local shows in Boston and New England, Only Living Witness dropped Prone Mortal Form. And it was on Century Media, to boot. It should have been an earthquake. It wasn't; but it gave us from Boston and Massachusetts extreme pride. The power, oh the the emotional vocals, the intelligent lyrics, the thick ass riffs, the musicianship! We knew we had something special. Now, in retrospect, metalheads and hardcore kids revisit, whether due to vocalist, Jonah Jenkins' other bands like Milligram, Miltown, or Raw Radar War, or Prone Mortal Form's placement in Decibel's Hall of Fame (landing on the 23rd installment!), or it's huge doom influence, people no adhere proper reverence to the album. I could continue extrapolating on that album's repercussions and influence. And someday I will. Following his other projects were cool. I still love my Miltown 7". "No Matter" remains a top5 song; and the "Jumping Someone Else's Train" cover kills it. Milytown for me beyond that, despite the great guitars of Brian McTernan, wasn't quite my thing. But Milligram brought the punch back (check This is Class War!). Raw Radar War continues that feel and will be recording again soon. But here the focus is a link to that greats at and their recent interview with Jonah.

Check out the interview with Jonah here: interview by Carlos Ramirez (Black Army Jacket, Deny the Cross - Hey, I interviewed them! here )

Pictured her with milligram; Zeph Courtney (Stompbox, Drug War) and Darryl Sheppard (so many boston bands. look him up). Photo from The Boston Globe 

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