Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nun Slaughter Review of New Split EPs

Nun-Slaughter Splits
Hells Headbangers

Perversor Split:
NunSlaughter return with incredible design and splatter vinyl and penetrating metal to match. “Impure Thoughts” open this seven inch, as NunSlaughter remind you why they are the kings of Devil Metal. Sleazy and sexual in a wretched manner, NunSlaughter unleash punishing raw death metal with a crust-thrash-blackened twist. The vocal are growled but audible. You can distinguish each smattering of delectable evil. Stellar production and a sinister energy level show this band at their peak with two exclusive tracks.

Perversor come with the same vibe. Lower vocals make it harder to understand than their split mates, but the demonic intent is what matters in delivery and Perversor crushes it. The songs are fast are Hell. This side adheres to more straight forward death metal from these South American purveyors of Satanic smut. And if you missed it, it is fast as Hell. Dirty riffs meander through an atomic cloud of malicious music. Both tracks are at 3:15 and feel elongated due to how fast they are. The drummer truly elevates the effort of these killer tracks.

Witchtrap Split:
Same great effort put into the layout and grey and black splatter wax here. The  vibrant red of the record sleeve is attention grabbing. NunSlaughter again return with ill tracks. They kick the speed up until the break into a swinging death-thrash riff that slays all suckers. As a tribute to their Colombian split mates, Witchtrap, NunSlaughter have titled the respective tracks “La Ofrenda” and “Altar De La Muerta”. 

While Witchtrap raised the ante with “Sex Commander” and “The Devil’s on the Loose”. These tracks are not as low tuned or dark as NunSlaughter. They are still metal as fuck, though. A tougher version of NWOBHM or Kreator, Destruction, Sodom would be appropriate. The chorus of “I’m a Sex Commander” certainly has me naked in my apartment with a towel for a cape. This is empowerment.

Afucking Plus for package and design. Support this and buy some vinyl

RIYL: Possessed, Nekrofilth, Necroholocaust, AntiCimex, Nuclear Assault, Toxic Holocaust

Hara Ball Half Tux Review

Hara Ball
Half Tux
Fysisk Format

I first heard this band when i was handed their Sleep Tall LP. And color me impressed. But i never heard much from them after that. Well, this was released in back in June, but hell. I review good music. And this is a continuation of their rough harsh hardcore.

Hailing from the cold winds of Oslo, Norway, these dudes deliver old school, tough, fast as hell hardcore punk. They have two seven inches from 2012; The Rope and Frowns and Downs. Seeing that The Rope's cover is a dude about to hoist up a noose, this is definitely my ilk; angry and fast.

Half Tux (you got me, man) boasts song titles like "Sick of Onions" (again - no idea) and "Off My Meds" and "Drunk at Work". The cynical attitude has me stoked to be pressing play again. And when i do, god damn if this isn't perfection. Production is on target; just let the guys play their songs. Do not fiddle.

The songwriting is comfortably familiar territory while tweaked with nuances to not just be a rehash of their earlier material or other bands'. The opening of "Mallcop Dungeon" is a building ascension wrought with tension and pending energy; it shows the influence of the Circle Jerks and Void. "Drug Tunnel Collapse" is strewn landscape of rhythms, expanding to an epic three and a half minutes.

Most tunes check in between one and two minutes but some songs rock out longer. The title track is under three minutes, but still throws furious, speedy riffs into the forefront. Unbridled energy is relentless on this album; track after track. I picture dudes skating an abandoned concrete pool to this.

FFO: ETA, Vitamin X, Deep Sleep, Sectarian Violence, Cloak/Dagger, Okkultokrati, Iron Reagan

haraball bandcamp

Band members:
Jon Eivind Eriksen – vocal
Vegard Holthe – bass
William Øberg – guitar
Trond Mjøen – guitar
Daniel Wakim – drums

Interview with A Skinhead about Krishna

New Noise Magazine was nice enough to print an interview I did with Scott from No Resistance. Dude is cool and is a good friend. But I was astonished at a punk rock skinhead kicking aggro tunes being a Krishna. But the exposes more of my ignorance than anything else.

I have vehement, cynical view of all religions and their associated organizations. But I detest ignorance. We learn much and only truly progress through conversation and education. While I never listened to even Youth of Today (never mind 108 or Shelter), Cro-Mags and Next Step Up are two of my favorite bands ever. And they were heavy and angry. I enjoyed John Joseph's biography immensely. So fuck. Let's chat.

The Interview

Snake Handler Enjoy The View Review

Snake Handler
Enjoy the View
Victimized Records

Jesus Almighty. This is heavy, fast, gnarly, ugly. In other words, this is perfect. Snake Handler released a demo cassette last year. It was damn good. Enjoy the View excels at their formula.

The anger oozes through the speakers. For being so raw and frantic, the production is well mixed. I always search for where the bass gets pushed to in a track; as it is usually my focus. From doom metal to hip hop to punk to oi etc, the bass is the foundation for me. This bass is utilized as a pile driver, pushing the songs forward. Rich's guitars are frenetic but are focused with intent of delivering fierce riffs. The drums are tight as penguin pussy. Ian's vocals are exactly what I want; raw and pushed but not filtered or cleaned in anyway; and not growled like a caricature to sound like a demonic cookie monster.

The other aspect of hardcore that I love, are time changes. Snake Handler knows how to drive fast then pull it back a hair for the two step or crushing breakdown. The intro to "Ghosts" is slow and evil and quickly rushes into an unparalleled fury.

Snake Handler never go d-beat or crust, but the frenzied disdain for humanity seems to channel that energy. But you can still dance to this if you want to destroy a VFW hall or dive bar. There is always a spark of - not catchy or grooved - some small swing to grasp. When "Saturday Night..." kicks into its bridge, those low toms pound rhythms of destruction. The song's swinging riff is so fucking incendiary. You will not sit still. I broke into unabashed mirror moshing in my basement.

I cannot find a flaw here. I seriously would not change a thing. I do not think a cleaner production would improve the delivery. It's not bad production, it is the style that fits this hardcore. It is never muddy - you are always able to discern each instrument and vocal. This is dark music. But this ain't no lingering sludge or mopey emo. Snake Handler has no time for that. While pummeling your senses, these tracks leave you no time to ponder or wander in the existential darkness. You can only hate and want to rage forward.

FFO: fucking hardcore. Think the energy and ethos of Black Flag and Poison Idea, but turning it darker and angrier. Bands like Violent Arrest, Punch, Boston Strangler, Tear It Up, Reproach, Wasted Time, Raw Nerves, Sick Fix, DFA, Set to Explode, 86 Mentality, Born Against, and, of course, Sheer Terror demos and Negative Approach.

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