Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Madball Wisdom in Chains Family Biz review

Madball / Wisdom in Chains
Family Biz
September 25th

Two of the hardest working bands in hardcore are releasing a tantalizing split 7” just to let you know they are still coming hard. Honest. Sincere. Commited. Consistent. Madball and Wisdom in Chains are holding it down with a track each until Madball’s full length comes out on 2018.

Madball’s side comes packed with their revered energy. The track, For the Cause is also the name of their impending full length. This track continues with the firestorm they have been unleashing. The Mitts era is a gallery of classics; Legacy, Empire, Infiltrate the System, the three eps; and most recently Hardcore Lives. This feels right off of any recent. Only news I can find is that the full length will be on Nuclear Blast, no word on release date or producer. The tough, crisp track sounds like the prior ones – hopefully meaning Erik Rutan is behind the boards or even Zeuss. “For the Cause”, is vicious. Slamming track.

The flipside is blessed by the PAHC champs, Wisdom in Chains. As a bonus, Mad Joe shares the mic with Freddy Madball on “Someday”. Mad Joe’s gift to the hardcore community has always been raw, personal lyrics. We get emotionally open lyrics, contemplating what a man’s legacy will be, with solid melodic guitar lines over rough, beastly rhythms. WIC’s low chug is savage and will incite any crowd to point, swing, dive and stomp. It’s a fast, forward focused 4/4 beat with ripe time changes for cathartic pauses and two-steps.

Vinyl Pressing Info:
100 - OPAQUE GREY w/ 14 CLOUDY CLEAR (color in color)
100 - OPAQUE GREY / BLACK (half & half )
100 - TRANS BLUE w/ ORANGE (a side / b side )
200 - GOLD (Coretex Records Exclusive )
200 - OPAQUE BLUE (Reality Records Exclusive )
700 - BLACK
 or Nuclear Blast (their new label) has pre-order of NUKE GREEN VINYL

My interview with Roger Miret for My Riot Book

Roger Miret Interview
I want New Noise to get the traffic so please hit the above link. Roger is always a chill dude to talk to. Humble and low key. The book is a fantastic read. Highly Recommended.

Also - CVLT NATION has a good Q&A with him.
CVLT interview

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Iron Monkey release new video 2017

One of my favorite all time sludge bands are returning despite all doubt. Hailing from Nottingham, their two LPs in 1994 and 1996 are certified punk-doom metal classics. One of the most repugnant to commit their vile rants to wax, Iron Monkey have returned. Check out their new video. Ugly.

"Cult UK doom/sludge outfit IRON MONKEY has shred the official video for “9-13”, the title track of their first new full-length in almost two decades. Watch the Jack Atherton directed video now via Decibel Magazine HERE 

9-13 is set for release on October 20th on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse Records. Physical packages and digital orders are available via Relapse.com HERE

After disbanding in 1999 after the death of their original singer J.P. Morrow, IRON MONKEY has reformed for phase two of their mission. Recorded in their hometown of Nottingham in Spring 2017 A.D. with producer Johnny A. Carter, 9-13 is 9 songs and 48 minutes of total nihilism. Now older, more cynical and more isolationist, IRON MONKEY are back to usurp the scene, then crush it’s skull. Without question, their most focused, aggressive and direct material to date, 9-13 is an all-out assault of violent hatred and nightmarish negativity. Recommended listening for fans of pain, suffering, and misanthropy."

Burn Do or Die review

Buy Vinyl at DW
BURN bandcamp

Do or Die
Deathwish Inc
Sept 8
Review by hutch

Burn has peppered their history with releases. Do or Die adds to their one album and three EPs since 1990. They may not equal much output over 27 years, but each has triggered myriad inspiration for many bands. Gavin Van Vlack (Absolution) and Chaka Malik (later of Orange 9MM) joined forces to fuse one of the most unique bands in the NYHC scene. Others would run with this style, but these dudes were first. Two graf writers ignited turntables in 1990 without looking back on their self-titled, four track Revelation Records debut. 2001/2002 saw a one-two punch with Cleanse LP (Equal Vision) and Last Great Sea EP (Revelation). But that eleven year gap was second to their 14 year gap until 2016’s …From the Ashes (Bridge 9). Seeing every major player label ha been chasing them, DO or Die follows that path releasing September 8th on Deathwish Inc.

But the last few years, Burn have been doing shows and gathering momentum at a faster pace than other spurts. Chaka looks fit and spews wisdom as fiery as ever. Their live presence is electricity barely contained. Chakas intensity transmits wonderfully here. The vibrant performance is classic. Gavin Van Vlack’s bizarre guitar work exhibits a unique approach to hardcore, noise, and rock. Now equipped with the rhythm section of Tyler Krupsky and Abbas Muhammed, this frantic melee dancing on taut piano wire births a sharp record with Do or Die. Chaka has a feel of every word being profound and prophetic. Audiences pay attention, clinging to his tense, engaging delivery.
Burn’s characteristics shine here. Their calling cards of off-beat tempos leading into bouncing NYHC rhythms are bountiful. The guitars often seem to contradict each other with a ‘contrasting as complimentary’ approach. Burn presents tough, crunchy riffs that are infectious; melodic guitar lines balanced with respites of stability. All of which delve into noisy rough tangents.

“Fate” opens and blazes” through. “Ill Together” sliding groove is enticing. Muhammed’s snare is precise and holds the chaos together. “Dead Identity” howls of anger over a caustic riff. The title track has layered vocals; some just frantic repetition. The drum pummel and charge in a constant rolling beat. But Van Vlack holds back with a sparse, slow guitar line. The push is phenomenal and tears the listener in two ways. This is the mantra for either a mental collapse or an incendiary chant before changing the world. Explosive. “Unfuck Yourself” continues the challenging lyrics. Krupsky’s bass is allowed a loose leash and revels in the opportunity. Mixed up front, it is glorious. A quitter tune, it still is stirring.

On Deathwish Inc this time, the Converge fam reps hard here with production by Kurt Ballou and a slick montage of eclectic clip art collected by Jake Bannon. Howie Weinberg mastered Do or Die. His experience is eccentric (google him. Rush to Lester Young to Slayer to Tom Waits). Burn have returned. Even if they lay dormant for another decade, a gem is here now. PMA flowing, sitting idle after listening to Do or Die is not possible.

RIYL: Candiria, VOD, Bane, 108, Quicksand, Fahrenheit 451

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Cold As Life Suffer EP review

Cold As Life 
Suffer” b/w “For the Few” 7”
 Demons Run Amok

What do you say about this legendary group? Reflecting the attributes of Detroit since 1988, including all its detriments and its resilience. “Cold As Life is Detroit and Detroit Is Cold As Life”, Jimmy Gestapo (of Murphy’s Law) once said. Cold as Life embody Detroit and its inherent violence, stubbornness, incarceration; but most of all, survival and fortitude. Continuing after the death of original vocalist, Rawn Beauty, they moved on to make some killer records. Born to Land Hard defined metallic hardcore equal with Set It Off and Satisfaction is the Death of Desire. Born to Land Hard is an intimidating and revered LP; respected for it honesty, aggression and rage. Sole consistent member and drummer, Roy Bates now carries the famed hardcore band with hardcore flyer/album artist, Craig Holloway (and ex-Cold As Life from years ago), rejoining on bass; also adding guitarist Matt Martin and new vocalist, Jesse Adkins. This EP takes the digital tracks from last spring and commits them vinyl via Demons Run Amok.

Two killer new songs help anticipate an LP later this year. They ride that blend of Detroit / NYHC groove and brutality equally. Negative vibes, tough as Hell riffs and breakdowns; Detroit hardcore purity that is still punk at heart. Forever sanctioned (and self-imposed) to DIY with touring and pressing records, Cold As Life only know how to do it their own way. Here, “Suffer” begins with that feedback rising, like the mythical feel of Born to Land Hard; triggering sweaty anticipation. Adkins spews callous vocals over the ode to addiction. The chorus is classic Cold As Life writing, although recorded more straight forward than that Born to Land Hard metallic crunch sound. We still hear their defining thick hardcore pummeling and banging sound. “For the Few” draws us in again with that cold feedback and a thick strum, gauging the audience’s readiness for the impending melee. A bouncy mid-tempo song warns of backstabbers, traitors, and snakes. This anthem is a bonding rally cry for hardcore purists. Heavy and Detroit in each growl and chord, this is a pit inciter.

Vinyl is yellow (/100) (exclusive to RevHQ). Coretex carries Blue (/222) and Black (/512). Also, catch the white (/102), mint (/98) (only through Fastbreak!), and 20 test presses.

Fireburn Don’t Blame the Youth review

Don’t Blame the Youth 
Closed Casket Activities

As if it wasn’t enough that Bloodclot’s Todd Youth (Agnostic Front, Murphy’s Law, Warzone, Danzig, etc) returned to a short, fast, loud ethos and catapulted John Joseph of the Cro-Mags back into writing original material and is crushing it on a national tour with Negative Approach, Todd Youth has a band called Fireburn. Not only is the striking art, by tattooer Tim Lehi, triggering some Bad Brains worship, the music is a direct ode to those originators of hardcore punk, once banned in DC. Tight, fast, tough, angry; Fireburn does it all here. There is even a reggae jam, the closing fourth track (after a 45 second ripper), “Jah Jah Children”, mixed by the legendary Jamaican dub master, The Scientist. Oh and Youth went and got Israel Joseph I, formerly of the Bad Brains. As if this wasn’t enough, the equation expands by getting Todd Jones (Nails, Terror, Carry On) and Nick Townsend (Knife Fight). The vocals, lyrics, and music are distilled Bad Brains of the ROIR era, fiercer and rougher. Only wish there was more material, especially at $13 for the vinyl.

The savage opener "Suspect" rips pleading against corruption and bigotry of our authoritarian figures. The songs speeds through, eviscerating with conviction and "Break It Down" is slightly slower (it's all relative) but pound like a track off of Rock For Light. Packing much oomph, this track employs some back up vocals to add punch. A short lead carries us as we approach the final chorus. At 2:45, the conclusion of the track leaves you gasping. "Let This Be" is a :45 spastic rant. The wailing switch to growling vocals s the HR we've missed since quickness. The band transitions easily into the reggae which closes the EP. 

Closed Casket Activities delivers 1,500 12” vinyl EPs; 250, Metallic Gold (CCA Exclusive); 250, Blue with Black Smoke (Band exclusive); 500, Red with Black Smoke; 500, Green with Black Smoke

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Ditch and The Delta Hives in Decline Review

The Ditch and The Delta
Hives in Decline
Battleground Records
Review by hutch

Salt Lake City. Arid and barren. A salt lake; a contradiction in thought. Blistering out of this plain, is The Ditch and The Delta. A heavy doom band that incorporates myriad influences to spew original ideas; all soaked in the blood of noise rock. The new full length, Hives in Decline, has been out this summer and harvesting stellar reviews. The trio is touring most areas of the US, 8/15 through 9/02
Switching from thick and ugly one measure into a crisper more calculated attack the next, TD&TD’s songs balance various approaches meticulously. Their sound is loose and pulverizing, but with forethought. I tend to find the fuzzy belligerence more appealing but appreciate the respites of TD&TD pulling it in. Sandbars bring relief in rough waters.

“Fuck on Asphalt” is a chilling rocker, moving forward and using speed as a weapon as much as low- tuned thick chords. Halfway through its six minutes, the track reels back and becomes a reticent volcano of cymbals, toms, feedback and solo squeals. Other reviewers, and the band, will call influences such as Melvins and Eyehategod. I feel one can look to contemporaries like Black Tusk and Kylesa as well; TD&TD is the visceral to ISIS’ cerebral.

A Godflesh-like machine timed attack with real instruments as “Sleeping Dogs” or “Til Body Quits” begins. “Til Body Quits” soon picks up pace though. This has a succinct drum beat with a gliding, guitar line that refuses to let the listener sit still. Some explosive screams over mountainous riffs bring climactic proclamations. Heavy and defiant, this may be my favorite track. The dusty echo in the winding guitar of “Dry Land”; a two minute dirge that kicks up dust and the introspection of solitude, exhibits strong songwriting. This track does with inward sparsity what the rest of the album does with volume and low tones.

A piercing riff is the pith of the five minute “Mud”. Its high note wail which Eliot Scerist (guitars) pushes to charge forward is a conduit for each section of the track. It is a great send off point for the quieter discovery of the middle of the song which relishes a subtle tangent. The jazz infusion (think Pelican and Maserati) allows the trio to play and wander in a settled environment. But that’s one minute; the bulk of the song is still here to eviscerate. A violent thrash moves the song through its life, still with that guitar line pricking and needling the listener.

Hives in Decline pull sludge/doom and jazz breaks and together to relay a pounding execution. Angry bellows ride on discordant riffs which garner depression and regret. The ugliness of this society breeds rants and contemplation which TD&TD give us space and time in which to revel here.

RIYL: Melvins, Neurosis, Black Tusk, Maserati, ISIS, Earth, Godflesh, Intronaut.

Bandcamp - you can stream or buy vinyl

8/15/2017 Triple Nickel - Colorado Springs, CO
8/16/2017 Barleyscorn - Wichita, KS
8/17/2017 The Deep End - Wichita Falls, TX
8/18/2017 The Lost Well - Austin, TX
8/19/2017 Boom Boom Room - Lafayette, LA
8/20/2017 TBA - Atlanta, GA
8/21/2017 Slims - Raleigh, NC
8/22/2017 TBA - Baltimore, MD
8/23/2017 TBA - New York, NY
8/24/2017 Great Scott - Boston, MA w/ Rozamov
8/25/2017 Space Bar - Columbus, OH w/ Rozamov
8/26/2017 Reggies - Chicago, IL
8/27/2017 TBA - Sioux Falls, ND w/ Rozamov
8/28/2017 TBA - Billings, MT w/ Rozamov
8/29/2017 TBA - Spokane, WA w/ Rozamov
8/30/2017 El Corazon - Seattle, WA w/ Rozamov
8/31/2017 High Water Mark - Portland, OR w/ Rozamov
9/01/2017 The Shredder - Boise, ID w/ Rozamov
9/02/2017 Crucial Fest - Salt Lake City, UT w/ Rozamov